Zelio RXG Relay So Easy to Test and Operate that User's Can Do It With One Finger! 

Zelio RXG Relay

RXG Relays save valuable panel space while delivering robust performance.

  • 16mm wide to maximize panel usage
  • Industry standard products= direct replacement for the competition
  • 1 C/O 10 A, 1/3HP and 2C/O 5 A, 1/6HP models
  • Four different cover options: full-feature, LED only, test button only and clear cover
  • Full-feature covers (test button, lockdown door, LED and mechanical flay) allows installers to test without the need for powering up the entire system, saving time and costs
  • Clear cover versions provide the competitive edge for cost-effective OEM solutions
  • UL Listed with matching sockets, protection modules and ejector slips—expedites panel certifi cation and reduces time to market
  • Designed for PLC interfaces, Pump Controls, HVAC/R, Packaging and Material Handling Equipment
This video promotes the new offer from the Electromechanical Relays range: the Zelio RXG Interface Relay. It illustrates the product specifications of the RXG.