No wiring. No battery. Unlimited Possibilities.

Harmony XB5R Wireless Pushbutton features a battery free technology that offers unlimited possibilities for operating and controlling equipment. 

Wireless Pushbutton

It’s time to cut the cord and allow the freedom of movement perform your tasks without you stopping. The wireless, battery free Harmony XB5R Wireless Pushbutton features a batteryless technology that offers unlimited possibilities for operating and controlling your equipment. 

Schneider Electric’s expanded Harmony XB5R family of wireless and battery free control devices are designed to save you time and make your job easier.

Here’s how:

  • Installation couldn’t be easier
    Wireless and battery free design means no wiring at all between transmitter and cabinet, and cuts your installation and maintenance costs by 20%

  • Integration to architecture is seamless
    Up to 60 devices can be connected to the architecture via a single access point.

  • Operations are freer and more efficient
    Automatic doors can be opened/closed and lift stations can be adjusted to meet docking trucks.

Harmony XB5R Wireless Pushbutton

  • The only wireless and battery free pushbutton in the industrial market

  • Wireless Pushbutton and Rope pulls provide freedom of movement that increased productivity and reduces downtime

  • Eliminates wireless and cables, making it virtually maintenance–free

  • Flexibility installation or for re-designs

  • Pre-programmed pushbuttons allow for easy setup

  • Harmony Antenna extends the wireless pushbutton signal range

  • Dual-Action Pushbuttons allow small adjustments for jogging applications

  • Programmable Pushbuttons available for more advanced configurations

The wireless push button can be used in multiple applications in your facility, not just automatic doors and lift stations. Other applications include: signaling maintenance, starting palletizers or shrink wrappers, and calling for a re-supply.

With Harmony XB5R wireless push buttons, you can save time, effort, and costs. So Contact Us to start today!

The Harmony™ XB5R Wireless Pushbutton is the next generation of wireless and battery-less technology for the industrial market. This button can be easily installed almost anywhere and requires no maintenance, as depicted in this informative video.

Behind the Counter Look at: Schneider Electric™ Harmony Wireless, Batteryless Push Button