Harmony Push Buttons, Selector Switches & Pilot Lights

Flexible. Simple. Robust.

The full line of Harmony 22mm and 30mm push buttons, selector switches, and pilot lights from Schneider Electric delivers a flexible, simple and robust line of operators.


Discover our wide range of Harmony control products, available worldwide in metal and plastic, as well as, biometric and wireless options. The harmony range of push buttons meets your needs for just about any industrial application.

Harmony 22mm Push button - Unique Value Proposition

  • X4B buttons have completely metal mounting collar, no tools to mount!

  • XB4 mounting collar has unique square threads to secure operator, eliminating risk of over rotating operation during installation

  • XB4 buttons use 1-screw mounting collar that also acts to self-ground to panel

  • XB5 buttons use square-edged metal clip in mounting collar to securely mount operator which allows operator to snap fit into place without any tools!

  • contact blocks are same for both Xb4/XB5 buttons and each block has a metal clip that connects to respective metal or plastic mounting collar preventing the potential for contact blocks falling off due to machine vibration.

Harmony 30mm Push button - Unique Value Proposition

  • Protect personnel & equipment with:

    • finger-safe contact block and light modules

    • integrated grounding design standard on all 30mm devices

  • Completely color-coded contact blocks for ease of identification of N.O. and N.C. contacts

  • Single screw contact blocks that saves time and money during installation

  • Metal and plastic trigger-action emergency stop buttons to meet IEC requirements

Discover an overview of the new Harmony solution which help you to optimize the robustness, the ergonomics and the design of your machine operator interface.

How can I save time on my electrical and control panel installation jobs? Discover Harmony push-buttons for faster, simpler installation and maintenance.

Learn how to mount and check easily Harmony XB4 illuminated pushbutton. Learn more, https://www.schneider-electric.com/en...