Harmony XVU is the super bright modular tower light that can be customized as per your need.

Wireless Pushbutton

Modular customizable signaling solutions from 1 to 5 LED colored lights and sound options with a 60mm diameter.

  • Modular — can be configured easily
  • Super Bright Integrated LED — no bulbs to replace
  • Multi-Colored Lens Units — unmatched signaling choices with various choice patterns
  • Two Body Color Options — black or silver providing sleek aesthetics
  • Flexible Mounting Unit — for wall mounting or mounting tower light on a diagonal surface
  • New Sound Module — allows for customer voice messaging
  • LED Technology — increasing the life of the tower lights
  • Tower Light App available for download at no additional cost
See how the innovative Harmony XVU lighting and mounting solutions can give you the best visibility in your plant.